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Social Media Users

grew by202 millionbetween 2018 -19

In today’s time when people are spending a significant amount of time on social media. You have immense opportunities to promote your business and boost sales through social media. Our low-cost social media marketing services are sure to build your positive image and increase sales. Social media is here to stay. Social media websites are hugely influential when it comes to directing customer perceptions and influencing their purchasing decisions. A powerful presence on social media will help you steer customer perceptions in the direction you want. That's where we step in, the social media experts at PageTraffic will take care of it all for you.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

We offer affordable Facebook marketing services. We will create a Facebook page, increase followers, post engaging content and interact with your audience to build and promote your brand.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a powerful medium to connect with your fans and address their grievances. We will grow your followers and share engaging content to encourage interactions.

Instagram Marketing

This photo-sharing platform is hugely popular among young audience. With our aggressive Instagram marketing services, you can successfully promote your business and boost sales.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest pins have more spreadability than tweets, and pins have a larger life than Facebook posts. Our Pinterest service will help you build your brand and boost sales quickly.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Ranking By SEO will help you become a successful YouTuber by increasing views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

How Social Media
can Boost Your Business?


Social media will build a strong connection through engagement with your audience. Social media posts will increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) & stronger connections.


Social media redirection to your website will directly boost traffic. Social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website will generate more leads.


Social media retargeting ads of recent website visitors will optimize more conversions or sales. Social strategy around target audience & to do remarketing will make sure to get consistent & regular sales.

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